[ti:POP] [ar:Reborn&张杰] [al:] [by:冰飞雪舞] [offset:500] [00:00.50]Dirty pop [00:05.95]I'm sick and tired of hearing all [00:08.00]These people talk about [00:09.67]What's the deal with this 'Pop' life [00:11.59]And when is it gonna fade out? [00:13.50]The thing you got to realize [00:15.79]What we're doing is not a trend [00:17.65]We got the gift of melody [00:19.44]We're gonna bring it 'till the end [00:22.02](It doesn't matter) [00:22.23]Of the car I got or the ice 'round my neck [00:25.70](All that matters) [00:26.71]Is that you recognize that it's just about respect [00:29.68](It doesn't matter) [00:30.33]Of the clothes I wear and where I go and why [00:33.21](All that matters) [00:34.74]It takes you can high We do it to you everytime [01:13.68][00:37.77]Do you ever wonder why [01:15.55][00:39.85]This music gets you high? [01:18.32][00:41.81]It takes you on a ride? [01:19.57][00:43.80]Feel it when your body starts to rock [01:23.51][00:47.85]Baby, you can't stop [01:25.64][00:49.81]When music is all you got [01:27.69][00:51.82]This must be... [00:57.50]
歌曲原名:POP  演唱:张杰 收录于:专辑快乐男生 - 张杰篇
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